Enjoy the fun that started it all! The Happy Critters romp! The whimsical animals that made Richard Lindsay famous for his sense of humor and creativity; Walking Trout, Rowdy the Roadkill Rabbit, Cowboy Kitty and Howling Coyote are all favorites in the Happy Critters Family.

Meet Richard

A metal smith and a jewelry maker, Richard Lindsay works in gold, silver and gemstones, often in unusual combinations. Always ingenious and creative, he combines intelligence and an eye for beauty with a sense of humor and appreciation of the absurd. “I love to bring humor to my work, to not only create something beautiful but have fun with myself and my audience as well.”

Working in a small studio setting, Richard is a fourth generation Coloradan who has called Santa Fe home for over thirty years. His work reflecting his spirit and enthusiasm has staying power. “My jewelry is about what I do in my life: where I live, what I see, what I think about — the mountains, the desert, trout, dogs, skiing, the stars, the sky, and high fashion, beautiful stones. Each piece has a sense of magic and fun but his approach is sophisticated with clean, elegant, aesthetic lines that give it a distinctive look.

View Richard Lindsay’s extensive collection of jewelry at richardlindsay.com